Sharpshooter (Shadow Agents #3) by Cynthia Eden

SharpshooterRating: 4 stars

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue (August 1, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Synopsis: Two years ago, Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan’s life on a mission gone wrong. And ever since then, he’s been watching her back. Now a hostage-rescue mission was about to throw the Elite Ops agents’ lives together once again.

Working side by side back in the jungles of Peru, the heat between Sydney and Gunner is hotter than ever — and so are the threats to their lives. With the danger escalating, Sydney knows Gunner is her only hope at successfully completing their assignment. But the ex-SEAL also poses the greatest risk to the secret Sydney carries in her heart…and in her belly.

Review: Gunner has been in love with Sydney since he met her. Unfortunately, she was his brother’s girlfriend at the time so he never acted on his feelings. The problem is that she is an agent of the Elite Ops, so she is constantly present in his life. However, even after his brother’s death he still doesn’t reveal his feelings for her.

Stacy is ready to move on. She already put the memory of one Ortez brother behind her, now she’s determined to put her feelings for Gunner behind her too. Easier said than done, when he shadows her every step.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I’ve read a couple of book with this same concept, so I wasn’t expecting much out of it. I knew it would be good since I enjoy Cynthia Eden‘s writing, but I was not expecting it to be so emotionally charged or so riveting.

I was in a constant state of excitement because I couldn’t figure out what the hell to expect next. The plot was not overtly complicated, but the villain was all kinds of messed-up and slick as hell. Add to that the sexual tension between these two with their emotions running all over the place and Cynthia Eden has another winner on her hands.

The pace complemented the story, the characters were complex and the chemistry between Gunner and Sydney was sizzling-hot. I enjoyed their interactions with each other and the others. With each moment they spent together and as the story progressed I could easily see them succeed in their relationship. Their connection ran deeper than just going from friends to lovers, it was something built upon years of knowing each other and yearning to be together. I felt for Gunner every time he held back. Which was as many times as I wanted to shake some sense into him. OMG, he was stubborn!

Cynthia Eden brought the romance and the mystery to the page seamlessly, making Sharpshooter a truly entertaining read. Every event that took place added to the story and every look, every touch and every sigh added to the connection between Gunner and Sydney.

Although Sharpshooter is the third book in the Shadow Agents series, it can be read as a stand alone. But that’s not to say that I won’t be reading the previous installments. These Elite Ops guys seem to be not only gorgeous but interesting too.

I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.

Complete Me (Stark Trilogy #3) by J. Kenner

Complete Me By: J. KennerRating: 4 stars

Publisher: Bantam (July 30, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Synopsis: This sexy, emotionally charged romance continues the story of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and Nikki Fairchild, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms.

Our desire runs deep. But our secrets cut close. Beautiful, strong, and commanding, Damien Stark fills a void in me that no other man can touch. His fierce cravings push me beyond the brink of bliss—and unleash a wild passion that utterly consumes us both.

Yet beneath his need for dominance, he carries the wounds of a painful past. Haunted by a legacy of dark secrets and broken trust, he seeks release in our shared ecstasy, the  heat between us burning stronger each day.

Our attraction is undeniable, our obsession inevitable. Yet not even Damien can run from his ghosts, or shield us from the dangers yet to come.

Review: Once again J. Kenner brings to the front an amazing, emotional journey for Damien and Nikki.

“I love you, Nikki. I say with every touch, with every look, with every breath that I take. I love you. I love you so much it hurts.”

This time around we start out in Germany where Damien is facing charges for events that took place in his past. He has confronted those demons, shared them with Nikki and now awaits his fate. It is during this time that we truly get to see what Damien is all about. And I couldn’t help but fall a little bit more in love with him.




Not only is Damien a hot, intense, dominant man.He is caring, tender and completely in love with Nikki. It shows in his actions, in his words, in his need to protect her. What’s not to love?

“You are my everything, Nikki. You have to know that. You have to believe it.”

Damien and Nikki’s emotions for each other grow more intense, more real. They give of each other and finally let go to fully experience what has developed between them. And how does the author go about this? Sex, lots and lots of sex. And if that’s what it takes, then I’m all for that. You know, to finally understand Damien better. 😉

“You’re what gives me strength. If I am what centers you, Nikki, then you are what anchors me. Every time I touch you, every time I bury myself deep inside you—Nikki, don’t you see? You are the talisman of my life, and if I lose my grip on you, then I have lost myself.”

Complete Me brings along the conclusion to the romantic and utterly sexy journey that Nikki and Damien embarked on in Release Me. J. Kenner’s writing is not only full of passion and sensuality, it is also packed full with emotions that ranged from the most intense to the most tender.

I am satisfied with how the author concluded Damien and Nikki’s journey. It was surely worth the wait to see Damien and Nikki finally able to pursue their happily ever after.

I received this title from the publisher through NetGaley in exchange of my honest opinion.

Apple Polisher (Rear Entrance Video #1) by Heidi Belleau

Apple PolisherRating: 4 stars

Publisher: Riptide Publishing (July 29th 2013)

Synopsis: This straight-A student has a dirty little secret.

Christian Blake dreams of being a kindergarten teacher, but making the grade means maintaining a squeaky clean image: no drinking, no drugs, no swearing, no sex. And definitely no falling for his new roommate—tattooed bad-boy Max, who may or may not be a drug dealer.

Most of all, it means no working at a porn store. But Christian’s aunt has cancer, and her beloved Rear Entrance Video will go bankrupt if Christian doesn’t take over managerial duties. Soon enough, Christian finds himself juggling sticky twenty-five cent peepshow booths, a blackmailing employee, and a demanding professor who likes to make an example of him.

And then there’s Max, who doesn’t know anything about the store, but hates Christian’s preppy sweater vests and the closet Christian forces him into when they’re together. Max just wants Christian to be himself—even though Max is keeping secrets of his own. Christian struggles to find the impossible balance between his real life and the ideal one he thinks a teacher needs to live . . . all while trying to keep his aunt’s dream alive without losing his own.

Review: Christian is trying to achieve his dream of being a teacher, only he’s losing himself in order to attain it. Between school, his aunt’s illness and paying his bills he has enough to worry about without adding to it an enigmatic roommate he can’t stop thinking about. Max is everything Christian vowed to stay away from since beginning his teaching program – the clothes, the look, the lifestyle – but he is the very person he needs to keep his head on straight. Now the question is, will Christian get his head out of his ass before he looses himself, his aunt’s business and his chance at love?

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t like Christian much in the beginning. I couldn’t believe he was so clueless – so wrapped up in his life that he got his priorities messed up in the process. Thankfully, Heidi Belleau did an amazing job of developing his character. Slowly but surely she brought to life a different, more caring Christian to the page. This Christian finally realized what he was doing and went about fixing it.

Max was adorable. I loved him from the start. he wouldn’t take Christian’s bullshit, nor did he try to preach to Christian. he simply told it like it was and left it up to Christian to make up his mind. I could easily see how he cared about Christian and could understand why he acted the way he did.

The secondary characters were great too. I enjoyed the interactions between the roommates. They were so different from one another, but yet they got along and pulled together when they needed to. I can’t wait to read Rob’s story in Wallflower.

I have to say that I loved it when Christian and Max finally got together. I was eagerly awaiting this coupling and was not disappointed at all. Who knew the all-too-proper Christian had that in him!? I think that scene was what kick-started my change of heart about him. Yes, I am that easy.

I also enjoyed the events that took place in the video store. I was a hoot to read Christian’s reactions to the store itself, the different DVD titles and the collection of toys. And I won’t even mention what took place there. Holy crap! Heidi Belleau blew my mind with that…that…’scene’ is not the word I want to use, because it was much more than that. I love my sex scenes, but I especially love the ones that add something more to the story. I believe this one was fundamental to Christian and Max’s story and Heidi Belleau hit it out of the park.

All in all, Apple Polisher was a fun yet touching read about finding yourself and getting your priorities straight with a whole lot of hot, sexy man-love thrown in to make it an awesome read.

I received this title from Riptide through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.

Series Review: Sinners On Tour 1-3 by Olivia Cunning

After being approved the galley for the latest Sinners on Tour book, Wicked Beat, my series OCD wouldn’t let me get to it until I had read the previous books. So off I went to get started on the series. Thank goodness that I checked the reading order of the series through Olivia Cunning‘s website. I don’t like to read out of order and although these can be read as stand-alones I don’t enjoy spoilers.

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour #1)

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1)Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: The first in a new erotic romance series, Backstage Pass is a sizzling mix of sex, love, and rock n’ roll

It’s been months since Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners, composed anything. Unable to write the music that once flowed so naturally, Brian is lost without his musical mojo. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian may have found the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, will Brian be able to convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling, and that now that he’s found his heart’s muse, he doesn’t want to live without her?

Review: Brian was adorable and sweet and everything you wouldn’t expect from a rock star. Wait, no that’s not true because he was sexy as hell and passionate and hot and did I say sexy? Anyhow, he was a whole lot of things and I loved him.

Myrna was cool, but not what I would have envisioned for Brian. What finally sold her to me was her loyalty and her honesty towards him. She made her intentions clear and never deviated from them until after her time with the band was through.

Yes, there was a lot of sex but c’mon, it was fun and passionate and in some cases shocking. I could have done without some of the scenes, but I loved Brian so much that I enjoyed seeing him in action every chance I got. There was this on time when…er, nope, not going there because I need to finish the review!

All in all, a great, little sexy read with an ultra sexy, caring man, a bit of romance a whole lot of passion.

Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2)Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis: An ultimatum can break your heart….

Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica…

If you’re not willing to break all the rules…

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed…

Then a chance meeting and tortuously close quarters lead to uncontrollable flares of passion and rediscovery of their unique penchant for public encounters. Now, in addition to the risk of mutual heartbreak every time they get together, they’re in danger of truly scandalous public exposure…

Review: So after devouring Brian’s book, I was surprised to see that Sed’s story was next. I thought that since he was the lead singer, he such a player he would be amongst the last to settle down. Hmmm, maybe he should have. I don’t know. I didn’t feel that deep connection between these two. Could they fuck? Every which way imaginable. Was their connection so great that it could stand so many obstacles? Er, nope.

There were moments that sold me on it, but just as many that made me doubt it. My rating is basically for Olivia’s ability to draw me into the story even though I couldn’t stand Jessica and thought that Sed was making a mistake. She did this by including the other events that took place within the story. I got to see another side of Jace, Eric and Trey and for that alone I upped my rating to 3 stars.

All in all, a good read that shed light into some of the other band members and maintained the attitude and vibe of being on tour with the Sinners.

Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3)

Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour, #3)Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: There are things in bassist Jace Seymour’s past that he is unwilling to share with anyone. To cover his guilt and anguish, he seeks dominatrix Mistress V (Aggie) to temporarily placate his inner turmoil.

Aggie doesn’t have much use for men–besides the power rush she gets when they’re begging for mercy at her feet–but Jace isn’t like her usual clients. His cool defiance and unexpected dominance in the bedroom drives her to distraction and quickly steals her heart.

When circumstances threaten Jace’s position in Sinners, Aggie must help him regain his rightful place in the band while showing him that time and love can heal all wounds.

Review: Jace, Jace, Jace. I don’t know why the quiet, strong yet vulnerable dominating type always does it for me. Every. Fucking. Time. It’s ridiculous how I love them. I know, I know, I love most of my fictional men, but not like this. *sigh* Jace.

Okay, so now that I’ve stop daydreaming about those succulent kisses and the way he took his time exploring…*cough*

So…the reason I loved this story so much was because Jace had caught my eyes in previous books and I was so curious to know more about him that I totally forgot about his sex appeal. I wanted to know him. What made him tick, what made him hot, his emotions, his thought. Hell, I’m crushing, I know. I’ll stop.

Anyway, once again Olivia Cunning delivered in the sex and chemistry department. I’m just so glad that she decided to bring on the emotions. Jace was vibrating with them. From loss to lust all through pain and pleasure, Olivia brought them all to the page for them to have the most impact on the reader. I loved it! Every whisper, every thought, every flick of the whip. It all led to Jace’s growth as a person and a took him a step away from the guilt he was carrying. Of course, thus had much to do with Aggie. She was the prefect match for Jace. Although strong-minded and independent, when she finally accepted her feelings for Jace she was NOT letting him go. Phew! It made for some good reading.

All in all, Hot Ticket was an amazing emotional journey filled with sexy as hell moments, tender moments and heartbreaking ones too. Awesomeness!

Don’t miss my review for Eric’s story, Wicked Beat, it is scheduled for later this week.

Intimation (Acclamation #3) by Vee Hoffman

Intimation (Acclamation #3)Rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Indie Inklings Ltd (July 16, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Smashwords

Synopsis: Book 3 in the Acclamation series, Intimation chronicles the months following the end of Lent and Easter holiday and the increasing and intensifying intimacy between Michael and Dominic.

Moments stolen away from public sight, even when foreshadowed by Dominic’s approaching graduation and Michael’s intentions for the future, only serve to strengthen their feelings for each other.  How long will they succeed in keeping up the pretence of innocence, amidst the secrets, the obstacles and the emotionally impossible?

Review: There I was reading when a treasure landed in my email account. Needless to say that the book I was reading was forgotten without a second thought. Really, how could I resist starting Intimation when I am so very emotionally invested in this couple.

Off I went, grabbed a Diet Coke, put my daughters to sleep and traveled to Ashebrook to visit my boys.

Dear readers, this book was as exhilarating as it was heart breaking.

Michael and Dominic have spent a great Easter holiday and continue to deepen their love. Although Michael continues to doubt his decision about pursuing Dominic, he is not sorry or ashamed of what has developed between them. He does worry about the impact his relationship with Dominic will have once it is revealed. He recognizes that it’s something that can’t be avoided, but he is such a tender-hearted man that he makes himself crazy over it.

“You are all that I have. You are the only love in my life.” ~ Michael

Dominic has grown leaps and bounds since Acclamation. He has come to fully accept his sexuality and its place within his religious beliefs. He loves Michael with all that he is and even though he tries to be strong he still has some insecurities that come to the surface as he and Michael become more intimate.

I can’t express to you how much I adored this book. It was a joy to see how far these characters have grown through their journey together. They are honest with themselves and with each other.

I’ve been with these men from the very beginning, yet I still continue to discover different layers to them.

One of the most surprising moments came at just 20% of my progress when I found myself a bit flabbergasted while tapping the hell out of my tablet. Just now I tried to count how many taps it took to get to the end of the scene that blew my mind, but I got so caught up with what was happening that I lost count. Oooops!

Anyhow, I’ll just say that Michael had a very happy, happy birthday. Not to be missed. 😉

“I just want to be everything you haven’t dared to dream about.” ~ Dominic

Until Sublimation, I had to assume much of what Dominic felt and thought about his relationship with Michael. And as much as I enjoyed that, it truly was nothing like what he expressed to Michael in this book.

Such openness and emotion!

There was a moment at around 45% that I’ve read a couple of times. And each time I have reacted differently. The first time I was speechless, finding myself reading it with my mouth hanging open. Immediately, I read it again and ended up crying. This time around I read it with a huge grin on my face.

“It’s like you get me. And I love the way you get me, and the way you put that into words and into what you do. You try. All the time, you try.” ~ Dominic

Even as I enjoyed all these intimate moments, Vee Hoffman continued to bring different elements to the story that kept me intrigued. Michael’s thoughts went all over the place – from elation at being loved by Dominic, to worry over the outcome of their revelation all the way through to thoughts of his previous partner. Of course, most of his thought were about Dominic, but often times they were marred by thoughts of how their relationship would affect his friendship with Renee, Dominic’s mother. All through the series, I’ve enjoyed his interactions with Renee, but it wasn’t until this installment that I came to fear them. I could easily feel Michael’s unease every time he came across Rene and although I understand where they are coming from, I want to spear him this kind of struggle.

“I’ve never loved someone this much. I keep expecting it to fall off, to even out and let me love you normal, tepid, but I don’t. I just know, is all. That everything in my life, right now, is for you.” ~Michael

If you have followed Michael and Dominic’s story Intimation is truly something you have to experience for yourself. The many great moments ranged from the emotional to the intimate all through to the joyous and the heartbreaking. I gasped, I sighed, I sniffled, I swore. It’s not everyday a book brings about so many reactions out of me. This book had it all and I want more!

Yes, Vee Hoffman continues to blow my mind. This is what I love about Vee’s writing. It’s real and thought-provoking, sensual and innocent, reflective and revealing. It leaves me wanting more, laughing with joy, crying with true emotion and leaves me completely immersed in this couple’s story.

I received this title from Indie Inklings for exchange of my honest opinion and even if Vee Hoffman broke my heart and almost gave me a heart attack I would like to thank her and Alex Nicolaie for the opportunity to read and review this title.

Claim Me (Stark Trilogy #2) by J. Kenner

Claim MeRating: 4 stars

Publisher: Bantam (April 23, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Synopsis: For Damien, our obsession is a game. For me, it is fiercely, blindingly, real.

Damien Stark’s need is palpable—his need for pleasure, his need for control, his need for me. Beautiful and brilliant yet tortured at his core, he is in every way my match.

I have agreed to be his alone, and now I want him to be fully mine. I want us to possess each other beyond the sweetest edge of our ecstasy, into the deepest desires of our souls. To let the fire that burns between us consume us both.

But there are dark places within Damien that not even our wildest passion can touch. I yearn to know his secrets, yearn for him to surrender to me as I have surrendered to him. But our troubled pasts will either bind us close . . . or shatter us completely.

Review: Damien and Nikki’s agreement is ending soon. Neither one of them wants it to end, their connection continues to grow, their emotions getting more intense by the moment and their future even more uncertain than ever.

Both Damien and Nikki continue to battle their respective pasts. Demons once thought to be buried come back to haunt them in different ways. Nikki’s situation brings to the front her struggle with her need for pain. She craves it even more. Can’t find the courage to stop it.

Although Damien is also dealing with his own demons, he is always there to give Nikki what she needs. In his quiet, dominating manner Damien not only brings her pleasure and release from her pain, but also strengthens their connection. Their love for each other is growing in intensity encompassing boundaries that each have put in place. I don’t think either of them thought it would go this far, this fast, this deep.

J. Kenner did a great job of bringing to the page Damien and Nikki’s connection so that the reader could fully understand the degree to which these two are tangled together. Both characters revealed deep emotions, which is one of the things I loved most about this book. As the characters opened themselves emotionally, the more I came to believe that they stood a chance of making the relationship work.

Damien and Nikki still have a lot of stuff to deal with still. There were a lot of important events in this story, especially towards the end when Damien finally reveals his past. If the ending is anything to go by, Damien and Nikki have a hell of a ride ahead of them. I’m curious to see how it all plays out.

Claim Me is the second book in the Stark Trilogy. Complete Me, the last book in the trilogy, is scheduled to release on July 30th.

I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.

Sweet Young Thang (Theta Alpha Gamma #3) by Anne Tenino

Sweet Young Thang (Theta Alpha Gamma, #3)Rating: 4 stars

Published: Riptide Publishing (July 22, 2013)

Available at: Riptide, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe

Synopsis: Thanks to Collin Montes, Theta Alpha Gamma now welcomes gay and bisexual students. Persuading his Uncle Monty, president of the TAG Alumni Association, that the open approach won’t adversely affect TAG’s reputation is Collin’s own first step toward coming out. As long as there are no repercussions, he’ll escape the closet by graduation.

Enter repercussions, stage left: someone rigs the TAG House water heater to launch through the ceiling, then plants a bomb—thankfully unsuccessful—in the fraternity’s basement. Now Collin has his hands full not only trying to convince his uncle that this might not be the work of homophobes, but also dealing with a fratful of brothers worried about their kegger fridge.

Paramedic Eric Dixon can’t stop thinking about the kid he met during a call at his former college fraternity house. The age gap between them is trumped by sexy eyes, so when Eric sees Collin again at the bomb scene, he pursues him. Soon, Eric is dreaming of being a househusband, fighting to keep Collin safe from whoever’s trying to destroy the fraternity, and helping his sweet young thang realize that repercussions sometimes have silver linings.

Review: Collin is a college student acting as a liaison to The Alpha Gamma’s Alumni Association, which is headed by his uncle, Monty. Having lost his father as a young boy, Collin’s life has been steered by Monty’s influence. Having found a group of accepting friends, Collin opens up and comes out to them. He hasn’t come out to his family or other frat brother because he fears the repercussions, especially in regards to Monty.

I loved this concept. A college boy struggles with coming out with his family and falls head over heels for an older man who happens to be an alumni of his fraternity. There were so many things to be expected from the concept alone. Pair that with what I have come to expect from Anne Tenino and I was definitely eager to get started.

Anne Tenino did not disappoint. She managed to bring all the concepts I have to expect from her to make this a sweet, romantic story that felt real. There were the funny moments, the one-liners and the hot sex. There were also the emotional moments that made the connection between Eric and Collin something viable.

I loved that Eric was older than Collin. His maturity brought a lot to the realness of their relationship. He was instantly attracted to Collin and once they got together it was easy to see how well they complemented each other. He was so happy at finding the right person in Collin. He never faltered in being supportive or understanding, even when Collin over reacted or questioned his intentions.

Collin. Now there’s a character. Sweet, with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a heart of gold, he won me over immediately. I remembered him from Frat Boy and Toppy and I was glad to see that he had grown and that he allowed himself to be somewhat open about his sexuality. I admired his pursuit in establishing the clause that welcomed gay and bisexual students to TAG and felt for him whenever he struggled with his feelings about coming out.

I enjoyed the mystery behind the explosion and although I could have done without some of the time spent on that it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story in the least. Of course, I would have been content with having the book centered around Eric and Collin’s doubts about their relationship and Collin’s struggles with coming out completely. That would have been an even better story.

Although Sweet Young Thang is the third book in the Theta Alpha Gamma series and characters from the previous books make an appearance, it can be read as a stand alone too. It was great to visit with the members of the fraternity. They were hilarious and when the time came for Collin to come out, they were more than accepting. Sebastian was his usual self – arrogant and clueless most of the time. Brad was as always understanding and supportive. There was a new addition to the frat that I’m eager to get to know more about too. Here’s hoping Anne brings his story to the page.

I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.

This Man Confessed (This Man #3) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man Confessed (This Man, #3)Rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Forever (July 2, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Synopsis: The very place where their passionate love affair began, The Manor fills with guests on what should be the happiest day of Ava and Jesse’s lives. She has accepted that she’ll never tame the fierceness in Jesse, and she doesn’t want to. Their love is profound, their connection powerful, but just when she thinks that she’s finally got beneath his guarded exterior, more questions arise which lead Ava to believe that Jesse Ward may not be the man she thinks he is. He knows too well how to take her to a place beyond ecstasy…but will he also drive her to the brink of despair?

It’s time for this man to confess.

Review: Very sad to say goodbye to Jesse, but what a way to go!

So I found myself at The Manor attending Jesse’s and Ava’s wedding. And what a spectacle that was! Typical Jesse and Ava. That’s all I will say.

And that was just the wedding. The honeymoon and everything that comes after it was even better.














One hell of perfect EPILOGUE.

I wish I could tell you more about what went on, but I wouldn’t have wanted to know before reading the book, so I won’t share.

However, I will tell you this much…

Jodi Ellen Malpas did an amazing job in bringing the series to a close. From beginning to end, every element she added to the story worked together to make This Man Confessed an exceptional ending to Jesse and Ava’s love story. From the range of emotions to the twists and turns that had me gripping my tablet, this installment was everything I was expecting and so much more. I was riveted to the story, its characters and its progression. I still laughed at Jesse’s controlling nature, melted with his every tender word and was proud to see that Ava finally grew as a character. I also cried and sighed and grinned.

Then just as I finally accept that this is the very last of Jesse I will ever see, I tap my screen to find an Epilogue. And what an Epilogue that was! Well played, Jodi Ellen Malpas, well played. You finally managed to make me completely fall in love with Mr. Jesse Ward.

“We’re not conventional, baby. But we’re special. What we have is really special. You belong to me, and I belong to you. It just is.”

I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.

Blog tour: Disturbed Fate by Kia Zi Shiru

Welcome to the blog tour for Kia Zi Shiru’s new release Disturbed

Below you will find all the information regarding the new release of author Kia Zi Shiru. Disturbed is the first book in the Otherkin Spirits series, a series of gay Urban Fantasy novels.

Disturbed Fate 400px

Publisher: Smashwords (July 4th 2013)

Available at: Smashwords, Amazon (US) (UK) (CA), Kobo

Synopsis: Marc, a small pet shop owner and seer, needs help with his store, but his new employee, Galen, brings with him more trouble than expected. Marc tries to keep their relationship professional even if Galen seems insistent on taking it to the next level. And then there is the problem of Galen’s past.

Keiran, a hard working medical student and Marc’s best friend, has a small problem, a stalker. One night he confronts the man and finds that his stalker vampire, Devlan, is too alluring to turn down. But Devlan isn’t who he seems to be.

When the four men meet up for a night out their lives fall apart. Marc’s premonitions turn out to be wrong and everything points towards one autumn night a couple of years ago. Now they need to figure out what happened that night, before someone dies, again.

Time is running out. The visions might be false, but they don’t paint a pretty picture, not about their futures and, especially, not about their pasts. They need to reverse the change before it is too late.


About the author:

author pic

Kia Zi Shiru is a Dutch girl studying English and Creative Writing in the UK. Amongst her interests she finds writing, reading, doing research and learning different languages (including but not limited to: English, Dutch, French, German, HTML, Java, PHP and Assembly). Her writing and reading habits include books with Young Adults, gay themes, strong female or minority characters and fantasy elements (more often then not all at the same time).

And if you want to keep up to date you can sign up for her newsletter here:

Places she can be found:

Reburn (The Hotshots #1) by Anne Marsh

Reburn (The Hotshots, #1)Rating: 2.75 stars

Publisher: eKensington (July 18, 2013)

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Synopsis: Not every man knows how to put out a fire. Fewer know when to keep it burning. . .

He Battles The Flames. . .

Nobody messes with Sam Clayton–or his territory. The big bruising ranger is the last line of defense in forest infernos and he’ll go up against anyone who gets in the way of putting them out. Even the FBI tracking a terrorist through the heart of a blaze. But when Sam discovers the agent is ex-lover Olivia Albert, saving himself will be more dangerous than any fire he’s faced before. . .

She Lives For The Heat. . .

Olivia needs Sam’s help to survive the heat, but when it comes to keeping her quarry from detonating a major strike, this Bureau agent is calling the shots. Except when Sam’s hard body and expert hands are reigniting a second chance that could be hot enough to burn forever. . .

Review: Sam lives for his job. When a fire on his territory threatens the life of the FBI agent intent of capturing a fugitive, he will not stop until he has every one secured.

Oooops! Sam sure was not expecting to run into the woman who left him behind ten years ago. Funny how the passion that burns through him at seeing her again, burns as brighter as the fire that threatens their lives.

Okay, so maybe not funny, but it sure was fun to see him all bent out shape because of her. Not to say that she wasn’t affected by him at all. Who could resist a sexy, alpha male type with a body made for worshipping and a heart of gold? Well, not me. That’s for sure!

I liked this story. Anne Marsh definitely brought the heat to this pairing and kept the fast-paced action throughout the story. And therein lies the reason why my rating is what it is. I found the pace to be too fast for my liking. Just as I was settling to enjoy a good, dangerous hunt of the bad guy, it all came to a close. Like I said, I enjoyed the story, but I thought the concept deserved a bit more exploration. The burning park setting with a fugitive on the run and the danger that it provided plus the sparks that were flying between these two would have made for some awesome reading if it would have been spread out a little  more.

Having said that, it did have great elements to it that kept me engaged in the story. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more character development and more dialogue and emotion, but the plot was interesting and the chemistry between the Sam and Olivia jumped off the page.

All in all, a fast-paced, little sexy read about rekindling a past romance. Reburn was a fun story to read.

I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.


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