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Remembering Us by Stacey Lynn *Review*

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Remembering Us by Stacey Lynn. Below you will all relevant information about this intense and emotional story along with my review and an excerpt.


Title: Remembering Us

Author: Stacey Lynn

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: January 14, 2014



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My life was perfectly mapped out for me since before the day I was born. I followed it, begrudgingly, because it’s what was expected.

And then one day, everything changed.

I woke up.

Different. Independent. Free from all the rules that had surrounded me.

Only I have no idea how I got to where I am. I have no memory of graduating college. No memory of Adam, the boyfriend I live with.

He loves me. And I love him. At least that’s what everyone says.

Except when my memories return to me as dreams, I see a different man than the one everyone claims is perfect for me.

He terrifies me. He makes my heart race and he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.

I have no idea if I want to welcome the emotional roller-coaster that his piercing brown eyes and messy black hair puts me on every time I get a glimpse of him, or if I want to run back to the safe shelter of the scripted life-plan that used to be mine.


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Wow! What a roller coaster of a story!

This was one of those stories that grabbed you from the beginning and it didn’t let go even when the story had finished and you had closed the book. I was riveted and completely invested. Stacey Lynn did an amazing job in bringing together all the elements that encompass an awesome read for me. I’ll try to break them down for you because if not I’ll start rambling and never stop. 😉

Great characters

These characters were not easy to get to know. They were complex, intriguing and exasperating. I often found myself tittering between loving them or hating them. I was constantly on the look-out for the next time they messed-up or make things right. Both Amy and Adam kept me guessing and tittering between that love/hate line. I wanted to smack some sense into both, hug them, separate them and locked them in a room for days. Never a dull moment when these two were concerned.


Confusion. Curiosity. Astonishment. Exhilaration. Heartbreak. These were just some of the emotions I went through as the story unfolded. You can only imagine how the characters felt, what they went through. The lust, the longing, the sadness and the pain. Those were the most intense emotions Amy and Adam portrayed and like their story, it was messy, edgy and intense. They were all over the place.  I was right there with Amy and Adam. I was pissed. I was happy. I laughed, cried and sighed both in annoyance and in longing.

Plot, Pace and Resolution

Man, did Stacey Lynn keep me guessing! One moment I thought I had it all figured out and them WHAM! She threw me a curve ball and I was right smack in the beginning, not knowing what they hell really happened to Amy or how their story unfolded before the accident. The concept was captivating and the author went out of her way to execute it well. Revelations disclosed at the right time to garner the most impact, every event in its place and coupled with the appropriate emotions made for a riveting read. Nothing was rushed nor was it delayed. Everything paced accordingly so that I could truly understand the depth of Amy and Adam’s relationship so when the moment came for it to unraveled I never felt overwhelmed.

Chemistry and Connection

I’m a sucker for a couple whose chemistry and connection go beyond sex. Amy and Adam had it in spades. Although I had my doubts in the beginning, I was immediately proved wrong as the story progressed. With every moment spent together and every dream and memory Amy encountered, I could glimpse the depth of their connection. Of course, there were those moments when it was their chemistry that shined through and those I enjoyed too. What they had was intense, raw and emotion-driven – be it their interactions, their lovemaking or their silence.

Yes, I loved this story! Packed full of emotions Remembering Us was a love story of two people who found each other once and their journey to find each other again, even when the odds were against them.


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“I’m not helping you in order to get a date. I hear you have plenty.”

One side of lips twitches up. “I don’t date, Amy. I don’t need to.”

Right. Because Adam is sex on a stick and most of the girls on campus are willing to jump into his bed without being asked.

“Then you won’t be hurt when I tell you no. Again.”

“I may never recover.” His eyes darken and my belly does that flip-flop thing it’s been doing for the last few weeks when he brushes up against me. I blink, trying to clear my thoughts and regain my sanity, but when I do, Adam’s hand is no longer holding his pencil on the table. Instead, his hand is brushing away a lock of my brown hair and his hand rests on the back of my neck, playing with my hair and pulling me forward.

My breath hitches just as his lips are inches from me. I freeze, putting pressure on his hand to stop the forward movement.

His eyes sparkle in mischief.

“What are you doing?”

His tongue darts out, sucking lightly on his top lip, making it almost disappear. He laughs. “I’m going to kiss you, Ames. And then you’re going to finally agree to a date with me.”

“One kiss and I’ll be unable to resist you? Is that your plan?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.”

I bet his kisses leave a girl gasping for breath and throwing her morals to the floor along with her clothes.


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