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New Release! The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis *Review & Excerpt*


The Trouble with Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay #2)
by Jill Shalvis

A Contemporary Romance
From Avon
September 27th 2016



If she has her way . . .

Willa Davis is wrangling puppies when Keane Winters stalks into her pet shop with frustration in his chocolate-brown eyes and a pink bedazzled cat carrier in his hand. He needs a kitty sitter, stat. But the last thing Willa needs is to rescue a guy who doesn’t even remember her . . .

He’ll get nothing but coal in his stocking.

Saddled with his great-aunt’s Feline from Hell, Keane is desperate to leave her in someone else’s capable hands. But in spite of the fact that he’s sure he’s never seen the drop-dead-gorgeous pet shop owner before, she seems to be mad at him . . .

Unless he tempers “naughty” with a special kind of nice . . .

Willa can’t deny that Keane’s changed since high school: he’s less arrogant, for one thing—but can she trust him not to break her heart again? It’s time to throw a coin in the fountain, make a Christmas wish—and let the mistletoe do its work . . .


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Nothing like a fantastic book to get me out of my book slump!

I’ve been in kind of a book burnout the last few months. No story called to me, no book cover caught my attention – until I was approached to read and review this title. I still had my doubts though. I had tried to read books from my favorite authors and even re-visited some of my favorite books and nothing had worked. But this one did.

Maybe it was the Holiday setting, the furry friends or the simple fact that Jill Shalvis knows how to bring all the elements together from the very start. Whatever it was, it worked!

I loved Willa. She was smart, uncomplicated and really down-to-earth. I enjoyed her thought process and her sense of humor. She loved Christmas and although she had given up men, deep down she still believed in true love. Keane was fun to get to know. Although he came across a bit arrogant, he complemented Willa very well. Their attraction was instant, but it was the candid moments and the banter that truly sealed the deal for me that these two were right for each other.

Of course, it always helps that Jill Shalvis brings the most intriguing cast of characters together. The secondary characters added to the story and made the read even more enjoyable. Although this is the second book in a series, it can certainly be read as a stand alone. I have not read the first book and had no trouble following the story along.

All in all, a must-read this Holiday season!

*I received a copy of this title in exchange of my honest opinion.



“You want to come upstairs, Willa?”

What she wanted was to put her hands back on his chest now that she knew it was as hard as it looked. Instead she gripped either side of her seat with white knuckles. “Of course not.”

“I think you do. I think you want something else too.”

“What I want,” she said as coolly as she could, “is dinner as promised.”

“Liar,” he chided softly.

“Well that’s just rude, calling your date a liar.”

“So it is a date.” His tone was very male and very smug. It should’ve pissed her off but instead it did something hot and erotic to her insides.

Clearly knowing it, he smiled at her and then dragged his teeth over his lower lip as he contemplated her.

Gah. She wanted to do that. And she wanted to do more too. She wanted him shockingly badly and suddenly she couldn’t remember why she shouldn’t. She tried to access her thought processes on the subject but her brain hiccupped and froze. Which surely was the only reason she let go of the death grip on her seat, slid her fingers into his hair, and . . . brushed her mouth over his.

He didn’t move, not a single muscle, but when she pulled back, his eyes had gone dark as night, piercing her with their intensity.

“Don’t read that the wrong way,” she whispered.

“Is there a wrong way to take it when a beautiful woman kisses you?”


About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website, www.jillshalvis.com, for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Forever’s Holiday Hookup Blitz with Jessica Lemmon, Katie Lane & Debbie Mason! *Excerpts, Review and Giveaway*


Welcome to Forever’s Holiday Hookup Blitz. Below you will find three holiday theme books from Forever authors Jessica Lemmon, Katie Lane & Debbie Mason! Enjoy the excerpts provided and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post. Thank you for stopping by!

Lemmon_A Bad Boy for Christmas_MMA Bad Boy for Christmas (Second Chance #3) by Jessica Lemmon

‘Tis the Season to Be Naughty

Connor McClain knows what he wants. And after four harrowing years in Afghanistan, that’s a quiet life in the lakeside town of Evergreen Cove. But coming home has land mines of its own-the most dangerous of them being long-legged bombshell Faith Garrett. Now getting her into his arms this holiday is going to require more than mistletoe…

With a cheating ex behind her, all Faith wants is a relaxing holiday free from man drama. And even though every moment with gorgeous Connor is a sweet temptation, Faith is determined not to give in. But Jack Frost has other plans, and soon Faith and Connor are snowbound in a winter wonderland with only the sparks flying between them to keep them warm. As one hot kiss leads to another, they’ll have to decide if they’re ready to give each other the best gift of all-love.

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*sigh* A sweet protective bad boy…*deep sigh*

As a follower of this series, I thought that it could not get any better than Donovan’s story, I loved that from start to finish. But it seems that Jessica Lemmon’s writing it’s just that good!

We met Connor in the previous book when he was helping Donovan getting his mansion back into shape. A former soldier, Connor hasn’t settled into his ‘new’ life just yet even though it’s been over a year since his return back home. He spends his day working hard and his nights trying to find sleep. Some of that time is also spent flirting with Faith.

Faith believes she’s cursed when it comes to love and marriage, so she’s not looking for a relationship. Especially after her last one ended on such a sour note. But not wanting a relationship doesn’t mean she can’t entertain thoughts of a certain sexy landscaper. But when those ‘thoughts’ start turning into reality, is either one ready for what’s to come?

If you didn’t figure it out with all my sighing before–I loved this story! There’s something about a story that sticks to you from beginning to end. When you get to into the story you find yourself wanting to throttle the characters, laughing out loud and crying right along with the characters or for the characters. This was what it was like for me with Connor and Faith’s story.

From the beginning, I could see that Connor and Faith shared a great amount of chemistry, but as we know chemistry alone does not a great romance make. And Jessica Lemmon knows well since she made sure to bring not only that fantastic chemistry to the page every chance she got, but she made it even greater by building it along with Connor and Faith’s connection. Through every look, fleeting touch or unexpected kiss Connor and Faith’s chemistry shined through, but it was the connection that jumped off the page with their every flirty exchange that made this romance even more fabulous.

I loved Connor. He was a great mix of bad boy and sweet boy. He had a huge heart, loved deeply and was loyal to a fault. But he was also strong and capable and very protective of those he cared for. In a word–perfect. And he was especially perfect for Faith. Having grown up in a household with an overbearing mother, Faith longed to be a part of something more. Connor provided that. He was a friend she could talk to and be herself with, but he was also a lover she could let go with without judgement.

As I’ve come to expect from this author, the story flowed flawlessly from Connor and Faith being friends to them recognizing and admitting that what they shared was something more. Their journey from friends to friends with benefits was a treat to read. I enjoyed their flirty banter, their bickering and their explosive chemistry. That first kiss was EPIC!

Keep in mind that although this is the third book in the Second Chance series it can be read as a stand alone. Personally, I loved the two previous books and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys fun, sweet yet hot contemporary romances. I am certainly looking forward for the next book in the series, it seems Gloria and Asher’s story is next and the sparks between those two have been going off since the very first book.

All in all, a fantastic friends to lovers story. Funny, sexy and so much more!

*I received a copy of this title in exchange of my honest opinion.

A Bad Boy for Christmas Excerpt

She came to a halt at the threshold of the kitchen, her breath clogging in her throat.

Part of it was shock over the fact that Connor was leaning over the countertop inhaling one of her cupcakes. The other part, and the part she was having trouble reconciling, was the fact that there was a tear beneath one of the pockets of his jeans, and the slash of skin she was currently staring at was his bare ass.

He stood, chewing and smiling with his lips closed. She knew because she hastily redirected her gaze to his face. The way he licked the frosting off the corner of his mouth and lifted his brow suggested he may have caught her eyeballing something she shouldn’t.

“Tore them on a nail on the fence this morning.” He turned to look over his shoulder, splitting the tear with his fingers to show her a faint red scratch on one chiseled butt cheek. “Hurt like a bitch.” His eyes found hers and he gave her a sly smile. “Don’t suppose you’d be willing to patch me up.”

She choked on her laughter, shaking her head for effect. “I don’t think so,” she said, trying to sound disgusted and not turned on.

His smile erased as his brow went down like she’d hurt his feelings. “You would deny me medical care in my moment of need?”

Flustered, she stepped past him and snatched the small white box off the counter, determined to change the subject. “I hope you know you owe me a cupcake.”

“Cupcake, I took that in payment for the kiss you never gave me.”

So he didn’t forget.

“You’d rather have a carrot cupcake than a kiss?” Her pulse pounded against her neck. She knew which one she would prefer, and hoped she was doing a good job hiding it.

“Hmm…” He made a show of craning his neck to look at the remaining cupcake in the bottom of the box. “It was a pretty good cupcake.”

Her mouth opened in argument, but the argument never came. And the reason it never came was because Connor covered her lips with his, launching his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg from the frosting, and his mouth, which tasted wonderful because it tasted like him. The smell of lavender filled her senses, that earthy, spicy smell mingling in her nostrils and making her lean into him. Cupping the back of his neck, she tilted her chin, continuing their sparring session with fervor.

Noses bumped, his unshaven chin scraped her jaw, and his hands—his big, manly, rough hands—grasped her at the waist and pulled her flush against him.

This went on until finally, she had to pull back to inhale or suffocate. Not a bad way to go, she’d admit. Now she was panting and trying to recalibrate her brain cells, which had apparently oozed right out of her ears since Connor put his mouth on hers.

He looked as dazed as she did for a second before his smile snapped into place. “Nope. That was much better than the cupcake.”



Lane_Unwrapped_MMUnwrapped (Hunk for the Holidays #3) by Katie Lane

Good things come in sexy packages…

Jacqueline Maguire has a problem tying the knot.After fleeing the altar (again), the runaway bride drives off with no particular destination in mind. Which is how Jac finds herself stranded in a snowstorm with a hot, hard-bodied stranger who treats her to the naughtiest night of her life . . . but come morning, he’s long gone.

Contractor Patrick McPherson is deeply committed to his bachelor lifestyle. No strings, no rings. As the Christmas season approaches, however, Patrick still can’t quite forget his curvalicious one-night stand. Then Jac shows up unexpectedly, and all holiday hell breaks loose. Because this year, Patrick is getting the biggest Christmas surprise of his life.

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Unwrapped Excerpt

“Am I a vampire?”

He chuckled at the joke and smoothed the damp hair off her forehead.  “No.  I don’t change my victims . . . I just snack on them.”  She didn’t crack a smile, but her shoulders relaxed, bringing his attention back to the welt.  “How badly are you hurt?”

Her hand went to the marks on her neck.  “Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

Patrick felt his face heat with embarrassment.  “I’m sorry.  I forgot about the fangs.”

Her gaze flickered to his mouth, and damned if he didn’t get hard again.  “Well, I guess since you didn’t . . . umm . . . overindulge, it’s not a big deal.”

Overindulge?  Oh, he wanted to overindulge.  Especially with those phenomenal breasts just a reach away.  But he wasn’t that big of a jerk.  “So can you tell me what happened?  Are there any other victims?”

“No.  No one else was in the car with me when Big Foot—I mean, a deer jumped out in front of the car.  I would’ve been okay if my brakes had worked properly.  It was almost like someone had tampered with—” She paused, and her eyes widened.  “Mr. Darby.”  She glanced at the door.  “And he’s probably the one who flattened your tire.”

Patrick started to wonder if she wasn’t suffering from a concussion.  She seemed to be talking in circles.  Of course, most women talked in circles.  “I thought you said no one was in the car with you.  Who is Mr. Darby?”

“No one was in the car with me.  Mr. Darby is the guy who’s trying to k—” She stopped and cleared her throat.  “Never mind.  It’s not important.  So you were saying?”

His brow knotted.  Why couldn’t women be as easy to read as a blueprint?  He released his breath in a sigh.  “I was wondering how badly you were injured.”

“I’m fine now.  I was just a little lightheaded before.”  She sat up to prove it, bringing her full pouting lips inches from his.  He might not be able to read her, but he sure as hell desired her.  He had never wanted to kiss a woman so badly in his life.  It was like her lips were magnetized and he was solid metal.  But before he could kiss her, she got to her feet and started picking up the items that had spilled out of her purse.  Since there was a lot of crap, he knelt down to help her.

“So what are you doing up here?” he asked as he lifted her wallet and handed it to her.  “I’m assuming by the costume that you were coming back from a party.”

There was a slight hesitation before she nodded.  “And I got lost.”  She leaned over to reach the tube of lipstick that had slid under the coffee table, and her breasts swelled forth in twin mounds of bodacious beauty.  “So if you can’t take me back to Denver, do you think you could get me to a working phone?”

It took her grabbing the lipstick and straightening before he could talk.  “I could if I didn’t have a flat tire.”  Now that his temper had cooled, he realized that she wouldn’t have had time to flatten his tire.  He probably ran over a nail at one of the jobsites, and it had been slowly leaking air all day.

“Don’t you know how to fix it?” she asked.

“Yes, but I’m not going to do it in a blizzard.”  He picked up her phone and tried it.  There was still no reception so he tapped the screen closed.  A screensaver picture of two people popped up.  Patrick didn’t know why he was more interested in the skinny guy than the pretty, dark-haired woman.  Or maybe he knew why, but just wasn’t willing to admit it.

“Are you married?” he asked.

“Not yet.  I’m still working on it.”  Before he could figure out what that meant, she got up and took the phone and her purse from him.  “So if you’re not going to fix the tire, just what am I supposed to do?”

In heels, or at least in one heel, she was only a few inches shorter than he was and sturdily built.  He realized that he liked that about her.  He was tired of petite women he had to worry about breaking.  This woman looked like she could handle a man who liked things a little rough.  And since she wasn’t married, was in no way connected to his aunt’s schemes, and was here . . .

Patrick smiled.  “You’re going to spend the night with me.”

“What?” she squeaked.  “I can’t spend the entire night with a . . .”

“Patrick.”  He held out his hand.  “And you are?”

She swallowed hard before answering.  “In big trouble.”




Mason_Snowbound at Christmas_MMSnowbound at Christmas (Christmas, Colorado #5) by Debbie Mason

Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle…

Ex-cop Cat O’Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera. Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser. It’s a perfect switch-until Cat attracts the attention of the mysterious Mr. Tall, Dark, and Way-too-handsome leading man.

Grayson Alexander never thought being snowbound in the charming town of Christmas, Colorado, for the holiday would get so hot. But between working with sexy, tough Cat on set and keeping his real reason for being there under wraps, he’s definitely feeling the heat. And if there’s one thing they’ll learn as they bring out the mistletoe, it’s that in this town, true love is always in season.

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | GooglePlay | Kobo | BAM

Snowbound at Christmas Excerpt

“We don’t have time to talk about it,” the older woman said as she helped Cat out of the fur coat. “We have just been presented with the perfect opportunity to put our plan into action.”

Great, Estelle and Chloe had a plan. Cat tugged the sweater’s neckline higher. Her sister may like to show off her girls, but Cat’s were going undercover. And since she didn’t want Estelle to blow her cover, she hoped the older woman enlightened her about their plan.

They were a few feet from the table where Harry stood looking deliciously edible when Nell waved a gingerbread man in the air. “Get a kiss with your cookies, ladies. Two dollars for a kiss and a cookie.”

A horde of women stampeded in their direction.

“Make it count, my dear,” Estelle murmured, shoving Cat at the table.

The push caused Cat to wobble on her heels. If not for Harry reaching across the table, encircling her biceps with his strong hands, she would have fallen on her face. Something her sister would never do. So it was imperative that Cat put on a believable performance. She fluffed her hair, did a flirty head tilt, and batted her fake eyelashes.

“I’ll take two, Harry.” She puckered her lips.

His mouth flattened, a muscle ticking in his clenched jaw. Then he leaned toward her. It’s possible he said bloody hell under his breath as he lowered his head, but she couldn’t be sure because everything went a little fuzzy the moment his warm, firm lips touched hers. She tasted mint, smelled his expensive cologne, and drew closer, placing her hands on his shoulders to avoid toppling over. Okay, so it was an excuse, but she was sure her sister would have taken advantage of the situation in exactly the same way.

Her mouth softened, her fingers tightening on his broad shoulders as her lips parted. She was just getting into the kiss, and it was some kiss, when his mouth left hers. He took what appeared to be a startled step back. She understood the reaction—the kiss had rocked her world, too.

“Hang on, I need a picture for the Chronicle,” Nell said, putting down the cookie to pick up her cell phone. “Okay, go for it.”

In the background, she heard George saying something to Phil about breaking his promise. Harry looked over her head, then back at her. An emotion she couldn’t read darkened his blue eyes, then he brought his hands to the sides of her face and did as Nell suggested. He went for it.

Gently tilting her head so his lips slanted over hers at a precise angle, he gave her a deep, passionate kiss. It was long and lush, and breath-stealingly perfect. Her eyes were still closed, her head tipped up, when she realized she was kissing air. Blinking her eyes open, she stared at him. Acting as though he was completely unaffected, as if he hadn’t felt the same emotional rush of desire, he handed her two cookies.

If that was a kiss from an uninterested man, she’d eat . . .

“That will be four dollars, Chloe.” His words were cool and clipped, his back ramrod straight.

And her heart, that seconds ago had been dancing to a happy beat, froze. It wasn’t her he was kissing. It was her sister.



About the Authors

Jessica Lemmon has always been a dreamer. At some point, she decided head-in-the-clouds thinking was childish, went out, and got herself a job . . . and then she got another one because that one was lousy. And when that one stopped being fulfilling, she went out and got another . . . and another. Soon it became apparent she’d only be truly happy doing what she loved. And since “eating potato chips” isn’t a viable career, she opted to become a writer. With fire in her heart, she dusted off a book she’d started years prior, finished it, and submitted it. It may have been the worst book ever, but it didn’t stop her from writing another one. Now she has several books finished, several more started, and even more marinating in her brain (which currently resides in the clouds, thankyouverymuch), and she couldn’t be happier. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want. (While eating potato chips.)

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Katie Lane is the USA Today bestselling author of the Deep in the Heart of Texas and Hunk for the Holidays series. Katie lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and cuddling with her high school sweetheart and cairn terrier Roo.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their “likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots” (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn’t writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, an adorable grandbaby, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.

Website | Twitter | Facebook



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Cover Reveal! Falling for Her Enemy (Still Harbor #2) by Victoria James


Falling for Her Enemy (Still Harbor #2)
by Victoria James

A Contemporary Romance
From Entangled–Bliss
Expected for Release on November 9th 2015



She’s falling for the one man who could destroy everything…

Alex McAllister always dreamed of a life filled with the laughter and love of a family, but being abandoned at a young age left her wary of letting anyone in. Now that she’s settled in Still Harbor, Alex struggles between keeping her distance and the magnetic pull of the handsome stranger who claims he’s the biological father of her adopted daughter.

Hayden Brooks never wanted to be a father. Long hours spent building his family’s real estate empire suits him just fine. But when he discovers an ex put the baby he unknowingly fathered up for adoption, his world crumbles. He tracks the child to Still Harbor with the intention of bringing her home—and comes face to face with his daughter’s stunning adoptive mother.

The paternity test is in. And Hayden’s about to make the most shocking decision of his life, just in time for Christmas…


Amazon | Kobo | iTunes


Still Harbor Series


Falling for the P.I. (Still Harbor, #1)

Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Find Victoria James online

Website | Twitter | Facebook

The Fabulously Festive Giveaway Blog Hop‏ *Giveaway*

Blog Hop Banner

Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to the first ‘Fabulously Festive Christmas Giveaway Blog Hop’

LeAnn’s Book Reviews will be giving away (2) $5 Amazon Gift Cards so don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

There are an amazing group of blogs participating and plenty of great giveaways to enter, so be sure to visit everyone =D

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Blog Tour: A Collar for Christmas by A.E. Lawless *Review*


Title: A Collar For Christmas

Author: A.E. Lawless

Released: December 24th 2013

Publisher: Loose Id

Genre: M/M Romance, BDSM Erotica



Buy the Book

Loose Id | Amazon | ARe



For actor Liam, anxiety and panic attacks are old friends, but they only get worse the more famous he gets. Nothing has ever worked to help him control the anxiety until his costar, Aaron, introduces him to bondage. Too bad Liam develops feelings for Aaron and ruins the only solution he’s ever found for his neuroses.

Aaron only wants to keep history from repeating itself. He’s already had one costar spin out of control, resulting in her tragic death, he can’t just sit idly by and watch another friend and colleague destroy himself from the inside out. He’ll do anything to keep that from happening–even enter into a non-sexual BDSM arrangement with him.What starts out as a way to control Liam’s anxiety becomes so much more. At least for Liam. So, tired of pretending he doesn’t want Aaron in his life for good, Liam decides to give him the perfect Christmas gift. The kind that will show Aaron exactly what Liam wants from their relationship: the collar he’s been dreaming of Aaron putting on him for months.



4 stars

Liam’s anxiety has taking a turn for the worse and he’s thankful that his friend, Aaron is there to help him every step of the way. However, the time spent together, Aaron’s caring nature and Liam’s sense of security in his care led Liam to want something more from their arrangement. Frustrated by the situation he finds himself in, Liam decides to gather his courage and approach Aaron about wanting more.

Sadly, the outcome is not what he expected. Accepting that he can’t continue with the situation as is, Liam lets Aaron know that what their arrangement was over. Surprised at first and conflicted, Aaron accepts Liam’s decision.

What unfolds next is a story of discovery, second chances and letting go.

I loved how the author went out of her way to bring Liam’s emotions to the page. I had no trouble understanding his frustration and his pain at being rejected by Aaron. Likewise, Aaron’s doubts and hesitations about starting something new with Liam were clearly depicted too. I understood where he was coming from and why he was holding back.

Through heartfelt confessions, intimate moments and emotional interactions Aaron and Liam’s connection strengthened. What started as a way for Aaron to help Liam through his anxiety developed into the discovery of Aaron and Liam as individuals. And as the story moved on and emotions came into play, it grew into something more beautiful. They learned, they made mistakes, they became a unit.

I was glad to see how it all played out. There were moments when I wanted to shake some sense into them so they could be honest with each other and move on. Thankfully they found their rhythm and fulfilled their needs – both physical and emotional. And I admit, it was worth the wait.

All in all, a sweet yet sexy read about two friends who found happiness in each other, battled their demons and made their own way in finding what worked for them.


About The Author

A.E. lives in south Louisiana where everything is bigger, covered in camo and made with more butter. She sweats her way through the summers because she loves the people, the food and the culture found only there.

She couldn’t manage any writing at all without copious amounts of coffee and her writing partner: her cat Bacon

Website | Facebook (profile) | Facebook (page) | Goodreads


Other Books by This Author
solutionA Perfect Solution


Loose Id | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ARe


Luscious Laylah Release Day3_edited

Hosted by: Luscious Laylah Release Day

Review: A Christmas to Remember by Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, Marilyn Pappano

A Christmas to Remember Book Cover A Christmas to Remember
Lucky Harbor #8.5
Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, Marilyn Pappano
Grand Central Publishing
December 3rd 2013


Curl up with this heartwarming Christmas collection!

Jill Shalvis, Dream a Little Dream: Melissa has kept every man at a safe distance-especially firefighter Ian, a sexy friend with sexy benefits. But Ian secretly longs for more. Luckily, ’tis the season for giving love a chance . . .

Kristen Ashley, Every Year: Holidays don’t come easy for Shy and his brother, Landon. But with the magic of Christmas, along with a little help from Tabby and her family, the Cage brothers are about to get the gift of a lifetime . . .

Hope Ramsay, Silent Night: Down on her luck and evicted from her apartment, single mother Maryanne hopes to start over in Last Chance. When the snow begins to fall, it looks like her baby might literally spend Christmas Eve in a manger. And Maryanne might celebrate the holiday with a handsome stranger.

Molly Cannon, Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas: Lincoln is a bachelor who’s set in his ways-until a professional organizer dressed up as Mrs. Claus changes his life, one tip at a time. . .

Marilyn Pappano, A Family for Christmas: War widow Ilena doesn’t mind spending Christmas alone. But when a new doctor blows into town with the winter wind, will she get her secret Christmas wish?

Plus: Excerpts from upcoming novels!

Buy the Book
Amazon | Barnes & NobleiBookstore | ARe



Dream a Little Dream (Lucky Harbor #8.5) by Jill Shalvis ~ 5 stars

I loved, LOVED this story!!! Then again I’m a fan of Jill Shalvis and especially her Lucky Harbor books.

Melissa is not one to commit and even though, or maybe especially because, she has developed some feelings for Ian she wants to keep her distance from him. Fate had other plans, unfortunately. After a rather dangerous turn of events Melissa admits she needs Ian in her life. Now the problem was in trying to convince him of getting together with her after she rejected him.

Through funny moments, entertaining dialogue and inner musings, Jill Shalvis brought Ian and Melissa’s connection to the page. They already had the basis of it, they just had to admit to what they were feeling and let it bloom. And bloom they did! Their chemistry jumped off the page and when they finally, FINALLY got together it was as wonderful as all the other events that took place throughout the story.

Short, but sweet with all the elements I’ve come to expect of her stories, Dream a Little Dream was my favorite of the set of stories.

Every Year (Chaos #2.5) by Kristen Ashley ~ 5 stars

I enjoyed visiting Shy and Tabby and the Chaos family, including Shy’s brother, Landon. It was good to see Shy and Tabby moving forward in their relationship, but I mostly enjoyed knowing more about Shy and Landon.

As told in Own the Wind, Shy and Landon didn’t have the greatest moments after their parents’ murder. It was touching to see how deeply their hurt was, especially over the holidays. I was especially glad to see how they made the effort to let go of the past and enjoy the moment they shared with their new-found family.

All in all, a great addition to the Chaos series with sweet, tender moments and of course some funny and lustful one’s too!

Silent Night by Hope Ramsay ~ 2 stars

I had a hard time getting through this story. Maybe is was the insta-love concept, the setting or the characters, I can’t put my finger on it. On the one hand it was sweet and ‘holiday-ish’ with its barn and the baby and Mary, which set the mood. But on the other there was the conflicting emotions of two characters that spent most of their time thinking for themselves and not communicating with each other. And if they did, it was implied which kind of turned me off the story because I had nothing to hold on to when I was looking to connect to them.

Although the story was not for me, Silent Night was still a sweet story about a man and a woman finding a chance to start anew together.

Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas by Molly Cannon ~ 3 stars

This was a fun story. I enjoyed the heroine’s humor and watching Lincoln all flustered over his attraction to her and having his stuff organized. I wish I had seem them interact a bit more, but at least their chemistry was great. Although I didn’t connect to them fully, their banter was entertaining and enough to keep me interested in the outcome of their story.

All in all, a fun holiday read.

A Family for Christmas by Marilyn Pappano ~ 4 stars

This was a nice story to read. I enjoyed learning Ilena’s story and watching her open up to new possibilities with Jared, the new doctor in town. Their interactions were fun and entertaining and their connection although not completely explored, was developed enough for me to at least believe that they had a chance at something. I would have preferred to see them interact a bit more before emotions came into play, but other than that I wouldn’t change anything about them coming together.

All in all, a heartwarming story of new beginnings for two people who were not looking for a relationship.

*I received this title from the publisher in exchange of my honest opinion.

Review: Christmas in Tahoe by Elisabeth Barrett


Title: Christmas in Tahoe

Author: Elisabeth Barrett

Published: November 11th 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance



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Silicon Valley actuary Ann Smith is an expert at calculating probabilities, but lately the odds haven’t been in her favor. Two years ago her fiancé died a week before their planned Christmas wedding, leaving Ann heartbroken and alone. When a friend suggests heading up to Lake Tahoe for a long Christmas weekend of skiing, wine, and relaxation, Ann thinks it might be just the thing to help get her life back on track. But Ann’s plans go awry when her friend cancels at the last minute, and Ann ends up driving to Tahoe with Chase Deckert, a sexy snowboarder who pushes all her buttons.

Chase Deckert is a man who lives by his own rules. A few years ago his business partner betrayed him by selling out their biomedical research for a quick profit. Chase left science far behind, and now spends his days snowboarding in Tahoe, wanting nothing to do with the dog-eat-dog world of Silicon Valley. Chase has closed his mind and his heart and only believes in one thing: fate. But fate seems to be in a giving mood, because joining him for Christmas is a brave, beautiful woman who shows him the true meaning of the season and helps him rediscover a part of himself he’d long forgotten.

Fueled by the mountain scenery, the season, and their unbelievable chemistry, Ann and Chase end up learning more about each other—and themselves—than they ever imagined possible. Can one long, steamy Christmas help them realize they’re meant to be together? Or when the holiday is over will they be right back where they started?




Ann just wants to spend her Christmas away from everything that she has been living with for the past two years. She needs a new start and this is the year she’s determined to achieve it. But when her plans start to fall through, starting with her ride to Tahoe she falters in her determination at first but pulls through in the end. She can’t help but be drawn to the handsome stranger who has come to pick her up. Hell, she can’t even resist his dog and she’s allergic!

Chase is doing a favor for a friend but the instant he enters the range of Silicon Valley he’s apprehensive of what he’s going to find. He knows how ‘these people’ behave and all they aspire too and he’s not looking forward to the long drive ahead with one of ‘them’. But he’s never been one to deny the truth. And the truth is that Ann intrigues him. He knows there’s a story there and so much more. He’s as eager as he’s uneasy about what he will find.

I loved, LOVED this story!!!

Not only did Elisabeth Barrett did a wonderful job in drawing me into the story with Ann’s voice and her story, she had me intrigued immediately with Chase’s story too. I loved watching them getting to know each other. Both had their walls up high and tight but as their time together increased I could see how affected each one was because of the other. They wanted so much more than what they had, but their fear kept them back from pursuing anything – at first.

I so enjoyed Chase and Ann’s interactions. Some where emotional, some were tender and all of them entertaining. Their easy camaraderie was one of the first things I loved about them and as their emotions came into play I loved watching them let go with each other. Of course, I also enjoyed their reluctance and their doubts about what they wanted. They were all well-founded and that just added to the appeal of them ending up together.

I have to congratulate the author because she managed to deliver a heart-felt story that was sweet, funny and HOT! I thought that Chase and Ann’s chemistry was fantastic and it only became greater as the story continued and their emotions came to the surface. I enjoyed watching them let go of their inhibitions with each other and just enjoy what was developing.

I’m not usually a fan of the insta-love concept and although this had the makings of one it felt completely different. There was the development of their connection, shared moments both intimate and emotional and lots of laughter. I could easily imagine them in the cabin lounging around, skiing the slopes and cuddling before the fireplace. I loved it!

All in all, a fabulous romantic read with emotional undertones, sizzling chemistry and two complex and interesting characters.

*I received this title from the publisher in exchange of my honest opinion.

Review: Definitely Naughty by Jo Leigh


Title: Definitely Naughty

Author: Jo Leigh

Published: November 26, 2013

Publisher: Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin

Genre: Contemporary Romance



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Single Gal Seeks Naughty Inspiration

Aubrey Hayes @windowUndresser

Window dressing at Le Muse lingerie = best job ever. LOVE. But must design The Ultimate Window Display Of Hot Sex before Xmas. #panic 24h

A Hot Guys Trading Card just fell from the sky. Could this beautiful piece of man be my muse? It’s raining men. #hallelujah 23h

OMFG, Detective Liam Flynn even hotter in person. May explode into a million pieces of lusty lady bits. #HandcuffMeNow 15h

It’s on. Have convinced the über-hot cop to be my naughty muse until Xmas. Two weeks of sex, here I come! *ahem* 14h

Muse Plan already working. Creative juices flowing. And Detective Liam Hotness is the best “inspiration” ever. Owe the Fates BIG time. 8h

But I only have him until Christmas. Keep it together, Aubrey—and DON’T fall for him. #SexNotLove 3m




Aubrey is uninspired and it is definitely not the right moment to lose her muse. She has a big display for Christmas Eve Eve and is willing to go to great lengths to get her muse back. As luck may have it, her inspiration lands on her hands in the form of a Hot Guys Trading card, featuring Liam Flynn.

Liam is a loner focusing on his career as a Detective for the NYPD. When a stranger calls him and tells him about the card she has in her possession his only motive for seeing her is to get the card back and make sure the woman is not a stalker. To his surprise, he is as drawn to her as he is weary. Of course, he can’t resist but take advantage of Aubrey’s offer. Who’s he to deny an artist her muse?

The first thing that caught my attention was the concept behind the story and although the author did a great job of executing it I think that some elements got lost along the way. I wish Liam and Aubrey’s connection would have been explored more on the page. Most of their interactions took place off page, so I couldn’t really see if their initial connection had anything to build upon. What I did get to experience was cute, but not something that would lead me to believe that they had something lasting.

Their chemistry was good though and that coupled with their easy camaraderie kept me interested in their story. They exchanged some emotion-filled moments and some tender ones too, which I appreciated. I just wish I could have gotten a little bit more of their story as individuals so that I could connect to them fully and feel invested in their relationship.

So all in all, a good romantic read.

*I received this title from the publisher in exchange of my honest opinion.

Review: Santa Wore Leathers by Vonnie Davis


Title: Santa Wore Leathers

Author: Vonnie Davis

Published: November 28th 2013

Publisher: Harper Impulse

Genre: Contemporary Romance



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Take one man-shy reporter, a gorgeous ex-Navy SEAL turned firefighter, add in a thong-stealing dog… and Christmas will never be the same again!

There’s only one thing on Becca Sinclair’s Christmas list this holiday season – her very own column in the local paper. And if she can build a huge blog following, her wish just might come true.

Enter Dan ‘Wolf’ Wolford aka the man-whore next door and the new star of Becca’s popular, post-divorce blog about men. A Navy SEAL turned commander of the Florida Marine Rescue Unit, Wolf’s the very definition of the word alpha – and with an endless rotation of women on his doorstep, this hunk on a Harley has Becca and her female followers all hot and bothered!

All Becca wants for Christmas is her newspaper column, right? But when she finds herself the target of Wolf’s irresistible attentions, her snarky comebacks become less and less convincing and, suddenly, she’s not so sure anymore…



4 stars

Becca has been keeping to herself ever since her divorce ended last Christmas. She is focusing on her career and blogging about her next door neighbor is one step forward in the right direction. She cannot believe how many women he has coming and going out of his house, so when he flirts with her one morning and invites her to his upcoming birthday party she immediately rejects him.

Wolf has always been taking care of his family and even now that they’re all grown up it’s no different. Ever since the day he moved into his home he’s been harboring an attraction for his neighbor. He’s never made any kind of approach and doesn’t think that his first attempt served to bring him any closer to drawing her attention.

Surprisingly, Becca attends Wolf’s party and once there, they discover that they had more obstacles to get through before they can even agree to see each other.

This was such a fun story. Vonnie Davis did a great job in drawing me into the story by making Wolf and Becca’s first interaction fun and intriguing. There was something about the man that called to Becca and that made me curious too. I loved their banter and how their tempers flared occasionally.

I appreciated the author’s effort to shed light into Wolf’s past and Becca’s struggles to start anything kind of romantic entanglement with a guy. Her doubts and hesitations were founded, but I did enjoy seeing her let go of her past and letting Wolf in. Wolf’s first attempts to capture Becca’s attention were sweet and charming and I couldn’t help but fall for him too. I especially enjoyed watching them getting to know each other better.

Of course, their chemistry was awesome. I loved watching them all flustered and trying to act all unaffected when in reality they were anything but. The connection was slow in coming but with enough time spent together they did form one and Vonnie Davis made sure that it developed some as the story progressed.

All in all, a wonderful, hot little read with a nice mix of humor, emotion and sensuality wrapped up in a holiday setting.

*I received this title from the publisher in exchange of my honest opinion.

Review: The 12 Days of Dennis by Jude Dunn


Title: The 12 Days of Dennis

Author: Jude Dunn

Published: December 18th 2013

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance




When an unexpected package is delivered on December 14th, Martin is more than a little intrigued by the contents—especially as they’re from his boyfriend, Dennis, and come with instructions to wear them when they go to dinner with Dennis’ parents the following night.

And that’s only the beginning of Dennis’ suggestive gifts.

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Hmmm, where to start? I’d like to say that I enjoyed this story thoroughly, but then I won’t be completely honest with you. Was it amazing? Sadly no. Was it good? Eh, nope. It wasn’t horrible, it was Okay, odd and over the top, but okay.

Martin keeps receiving these ridiculous gifts from his boyfriend Dennis and as the days passed the gifts keep getting weirder and weirder. Some were fun and I enjoyed reading Martin’s reaction to them. Others, well I didn’t see their point.

Anyway, that’s not here nor there. The story just didn’t work for me. Other than towards the end, I didn’t get to see any kind of chemistry and/or connection between the main characters. There was a lot of alcohol and reminiscing of events passed as the gifts were put to use. But I didn’t really see much interaction between the characters, so that right there threw me off the story.

Like I said, there were some fun moments. But everything came together in a messy kind of way and I couldn’t find it in me to really care.

All in all, a fun, if over the top story, with a pair of odd characters and an abundance of gift giving.

*I received this title from the publisher in exchange of my honest opinion.