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The One Who Saves Me (Home #6) by Cardeno C.

The One Who Saves MeRating: 5 stars (or 5 Diet Cokes, whichever Cardeno C. prefers)

Published: November 12, 2012

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Available at: Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: At fourteen, Andrew Thompson and Caleb Lakes become best friends. As the years pass, they stand by each other through family trauma, school, and the start of their careers. They share their first sexual experiences as friends, learning and experimenting. And they talk each other through countless dates and breakups. Decades of trust and loyalty build a deep and abiding friendship —until Andrew suffers a tragedy. Caleb moves in with him, and the parameters of their unique relationship blur.

Wrestling with feelings he can’t articulate, Andrew spirals into self-loathing. Caleb struggles to help his friend heal, but he longs for more than Andrew can give him. After so many years, neither man knows how to break out of his established role. After all, boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

My Reading Progress:

11/12 100.0% “I’m grinning and crying and I love it!”
11/12 76.0% “Oh crap! I think I need a bit of rum in my Diet Coke.”
11/12 61.0% “I’m interrupting this feast ’cause I REALLY need to do some underwear research. I’m off to Andrew Christian‘s website.For research purposes, of course.”
11/12 27.0% “grinning from ear to ear and literally LOL. “Trifecta of goodness”!!!”
11/12 3.0% “1989 14 yrs old. I was so there!!! tape mix! Bwahaha!”
11/12 1.0% “Really, it does NOT bode well for my emotional state if I’m already crying with the dedication.”

Review: A captivating story of everlasting loyalty, friendship and love.

This is the much anticipated story of Andrew and Caleb. They met when they were 8-years old and rekindled their friendship during a summer at the age of 14. From this moment on they are each others confidants and best friends – his yin to his yang. They were as different as could be, but regardless of that or because of it, the bond that they forged was unbreakable.

Their bond was strengthened throughout the years. It started with their love of video games and music. Then evolved with the sharing of family secrets, sexual orientation and sexual experiences. As they matured, their connection grew with each failed relationship and every sexual encounter they took part in. It faltered with the pain, loss and guilt Andrew dealt with after his boyfriend’s death and soared and stood its ground when they finally accepted what was right in front of them all along. They were in love. That sometimes elusive happily-ever-after kind of love.

Andrew, after having experienced the pain of betrayal that caused their parents marriage to fail, was determined to find his Mr. Right. That permanent person who would be there with him sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. His search for that person was heartbreaking and every single time a relationship failed it chipped at his soul. His only salvation was Caleb. The one person he could count on to be there. To patch him back together so he could get back out there to resume his search. A never-ending cycle of new found love, betrayal and heartache. It broke my heart to see him go through this. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to smack him upside the head or hug him tight. And this could only mean one thing – he got to me and I could not help but love him.

I loved Caleb too, but I didn’t feel that need to save him. While I saw Andrew like a brother, Caleb was the best friend I always wanted. He was funny and sarcastic just as much as he was adorably insecure. He cracked me up with his fashion sense and the roll of his eyes. I loved his choosy ways, he reminded me so much of myself. He found the smallest fault with the guys he dated and chalked it off to the fact that he wasn’t looking for his Mr. Right. Of course, I didn’t believe that for a second. I reasoned that he knew in his gut that no one would measure up to Andrew.

And of course, the chemistry between these two was awesomeness with a cherry on top. Like a keg of Diet Coke I savored each and every encounter. Their lust, their need and their bond were very palpable. They were in sync with each other knowing what the other needed without being asked. With touches and kisses, with each nip, pinch and whispered word I was melted into a puddle of goo.

Cardeno C, once again, did a splendid job in bringing this story to the page. The journey throughout the years was an enjoyable one. To see them growing from teenagers to wonderful men was a joy to me. Their friendship and devotion, Andrew’s struggles, their lust, emotions and acceptance of each other was beautifully weaved together in a way that truly made this story real for me. The dialog was both entertaining and revealing. The events that took place throughout the story were perfectly placed to have their proper impact on the reader. I was grinning with happiness each and every time they got together, screaming at them to get their heads on straight and crying my eyes out with each betrayal and each painful thought.

This has become my favorite of the Home series books. My expectations were met and then some. Thank you CC, my excruciating wait was well rewarded. I couldn’t have asked for more and as we all know I am a sucker for perfection.

This one is for you CC!


The Final Countdown

And here I am.


It’s not as if  I don’t have any other books to read. In fact, I have galleys to get to, a Challenge shelf I have to get through before December 31st and a TBR shelf overflowing with books waiting for my attention. But I just cannot get myself to do that.


Nah! I wouldn’t go THAT far. I’m just very curious to read Caleb and Andrew’s story. How they go from friends to lovers and how that relationship develops. Then there’s the cover. I love how happy and carefree they look. And if I’m being honest, 85% of my interest comes from this little tidbit Cardeno C shared with us on Facebook.

Caleb watched Andrew’s ass as he took Caleb’s suitcase into the bedroom. Once that fine specimen was out of sight, he peeled off his oatmeal-colored light-weight sweater, kicked off his black loafers, and pushed his charcoal herringbone slim-fit trousers down to his ankles. He had his hands hooked in the sides of his matching herringbone jock when he heard Andrew moan behind him.

“Oh, Jesus, what are you wearing?”

Caleb turned around and rubbed his palm over the front of his jock. “New underwear. Do you like it?” he asked with a leer as he ran his fingers underneath the thin elastic waistband holding the barely there pouch. His favorite thing about losing weight had been getting a new wardrobe, which included things to wear under that wardrobe.

And really, can you blame me? I think not.

Then after I finished my book this morning a song popped in my head. And ever since I’ve been going:


I hope you could decipher that. If not, I’m sure this will help:

And of course my mind could not come up with anything else than this.

Waiting for the release of ‘The One Who Saves Me’ by Cardeno C.

As many of you know, and if you didn’t you’ll know now, I am a big fan of author Cardeno C. I follow him(?) on Twiter and have him as a friend in Goodreads and Facebook. Through our interactions I have learned that he loves Diet Coke as much as I do, has a great sense of humor and awesome taste in music. Through him I have met and interacted with wonderful people – the quirky Dutch girl who watches for our health, the sweet and dirty-minded waiter who keeps my mind in the gutter and the funny student from New Zealand who cracks me up with his humor. I also met a future author and fellow Puerto Rican with a bad-ass attitude I admire, a sweet English girl who speaks numerous languages and an awesome reviewer who shares my love for music. And all this bonding of people from all parts of the world happened over Cardeno C and his books! What more can I ask for?

So as any of his fans will attest, I am expectantly waiting for the release of the 6th book in the Home series.  The One Who Saves Me is expected for release on Monday, November 12. Of course, I pre-ordered it as soon as the option was available. To say that I don’t know what to do with myself until its release would be an understatement and the following photos will attest to that.

Feel free to comment and share. And if you could add a link to this page when you share, I’ll toast you with a drink from my ever-loyal Diet Coke as a sign of my appreciation.